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Beautiful Plant Art

Beautiful memories begin with your Bridal and/or Bridesmaid Bouquets. Each is delicately handled, artistically designed, unique and captures that everlasting memory. 

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L. Patrice is a freelance artist who enjoys working in pen and ink, pencil, acrylic, water color, and doing photography.

Her most recent artistic endeavor has been collecting objects found in nature such as seed pods, flowers, leaves etc...to design a picture. She then photographs her artwork and  if you would like, you can choose these with colorful borders. Sometimes she superimposes these pictures onto other nature scenes and makes prints of her unique and beautiful photography. 

L. Patrice can create the following:

  • Original Pen and Ink, Acrylic, Pencil, and Watercolor Designs
  • Photography
  • Signed Prints 
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